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For Bank Transfers
Bank of America 
Name: Nelly Chigoziri Ahaneku 
Account number- 483081660219
Online payment breakdown 
DSI FLEX – $180 | N180,000 Paid 2 times


CEO, Indulgence Fashion

❝Every month, I now have a lump sum of 300k left after expenses.❞

I used to work in a bank but I was sacked. My life came crashing like a pack of cards. Then, I went to learn how to make cakes. That was in 2019, and I just made for friends and family with abeg. Heard about DSI, struggled with the amount but I spoke with you and decided to give it a shot. I actually invested my life savings. At first I was angry at the process, but after the training, my sales improved. Nelly, I have jobssss now! Every month, I now have a lump sum of 300k left after expenses. But I’m looking for more workers. That’s the problem I’m having now


❝I made sales of over 500k in just a month which has never happened before until I joined DSI❞

When I heard about DSI, I was reluctant at first, but I summoned up courage and joined with the money I saved up.

Prior to joining DSI, we were making sales but I just knew certain things were needed to give us that visibility and growth I strongly desired.

Sometimes the burden of posting gets tiring, but with a coach like Nelly, the fire just keeps burning.

We were able to hit 500k in a month. Something that has noever happened until we joined DSI.

DSI was the best decision I made for myself and my business in 2021

-FOUNDER, NiceFitEmpire

❝With the tricks NaijaBrandChick taught me, I'm now able to do up to 8 figures monthly.❞

I worked with NaijaBrandChick since 2019 and my sales especially online skyrocketed. I went from selling 3 phones a day to more than. 10 phones a day through the tricks she taught me.
People now trust me and I can comfortably tell you I do more than 8 figures monthly.

-FOUNDER, ElClassicoPhonesAndGadgets

❝The Instagram strategies she gave me helped me grow over 100,000 organic  followers.❞

Naijabrandchick did not only help me  grow my business sales, she changed my life. The Instagram strategies she gave me helped me grow over 100,000 organic  followers and also helped me open my store in Lekki from Alaba. Who would have thought that selling food equipment on instagram can not only make me an influencer but grow my business to a multi-million company.

-FOUNDER, AbutexFoodEquipment

❝When I joined DSI, the first thing I gained was clarity. DSI also helped us hit 5 Figures in our launch week.❞

Before DSI. my business lacked strategy, it was haphazard and I lacked the confidence to do business right. In fact, I had something constantly telling me I was not good enough. 

DSI helped me gain clarity and confidence. I came to understand my strengths and my weaknesses.

Because of DSI, I dared to open a walk-in store in our low-cost area and we made 5 figure sales in just the first week using the strategy learnt.

DSI should be for every business owner, especially if they lack clarity and need someone to hold them by the hand.

DSI is for business owners willing to put in the work, show up and do it afraid consistently.